Choosing website hosting

Things you should consider when choosing a web host include server speed, reliability and security as well as what you get for your money.

Choosing website hosting

It will not be long before you want to put your website online and your search for a hosting provider will begin. Choosing the right website hosting can be confusing and needs to be approached with care.

There is a lot of choice but not all hosting providers provide equal services. The type of website will dictate whether you need a dedicated server or whether shared hosting space is the best choice.

Choose the website hosting provider which is most appropriate for your needs at the right price.

A simple html driven website is likely to only need standard hosting so the choice is made easier. But when you start to add things like databases, blogging platforms, content management systems and similar, things start to get more complicated. Start by making a list of what you need.

What to look for in a web host

It is not difficult to change hosting companies and servers if you choose the wrong provider but it can be a right royal pain so take some time to research and choose the right one from the start.

Some things to check include:

  • Reliability, server uptime and security;
  • Server performance and page load speed;
  • Server space, features and functionality;
  • Cost of add-ons, upgrades and extra services;
  • Quality of the customer service and support response time;
  • Reviews and feedback from other users;

There are a lot of hosting providers out there but finding the right one is the tricky part. If your website goes offline the quality and speed of the support is everything.

You should be looking for a website host which wants a relationship with their customers, provides fast, friendly and meaningful customer support and delivers quality hosting at a reasonable price.

There is a lot to consider when choosing website hosting so you need to be prepared to spend some time finding the right one. It all starts with knowing what you need so you can find the website hosting provider best suited to you.

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