Coffee and Bite Size Learning

Learn the essential skills needed to manage your business and the digital side of things.

These short sessions over coffee are great for busy people or as an introductory step toward a more involved training course.

Coffee and Bite Size Learning

Bite size learning sessions are short, punchy and effective training workshops. They vary between 60 minutes and three hours and are delivered in ways so every minute counts.

Bite size learning sessions are dynamic, fun, and packed with tips and knowledge which are practical, useful and can be put to use right away. They are the perfect solution for busy people.

Continuous professional development is essential to keep a business running and competitive. But taking one or two days away for training can be impossible.

Discover More About Bite Size Learning

You will be supported with guidance notes at each Bite Size Learning workshop.

Coffee, Tea and biscuits always provided.

Online Learning

Micro learning modules will be available in the online campus after attending the workshop.

Where to go from here:

A list of the Bite Size Learning workshops can be found on our Events Page

You can also Contact Us for a list of upcoming Bite Size Learning workshops and planned dates.